Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dream vs reality

Dream vs Reality

Dream vs Reality

He was still in bed dreaming about his college days, his first love and knew it that it was the time, time for two alarms to off together. At exactly 6:30 am, his wife came in the room, switching the alarm off even before it went on and started shouting at him.  As usual she was angry, about something which he didn’t know. He tried once or twice to understand the reason but failed and even after so many years of their marriage he loved to wake up with the voice of his wife. He always woke up late as he worked in the late shift and she was always late because he did not let her sleep early. She was still yelling at him and he was still dreaming about his first love, how had he fallen for the crazy girl. He was thinking about her smile, their first kiss, his first beach trip with her, a treasure of beautiful memories he had.

Finally he got up, when she stopped yelling. She asked him to pack her breakfast and to drop her to the office. He got out of the bed, Smiling. He had packed her breakfast and was waiting by the car. He opened the door for her, she always loved it. After 15 minutes they had reached; she kissed him and left the car. He saw her going inside the office. It felt like a dream that he had married his first love. 



She They fell in love
 and lived happily ever after.
Except around 1023 fights,789 arguments,
76 instances of almost breaking up,
 and later 47 times almost going for divorce;
but they stuck together.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015


“I am really scared.” 
he said, 
while clinging to her mother.
“Don’t worry, these human only hurt themselves.”,
his mother replied.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

different perspective...!!

different perspective...!!

She immediately took off her bra,
It was windy and perhaps

that was already dry.

Excluding you...!!
Excluding you...!!

“Every person you meet is fighting a war, okay.
Life is not that easy”, she took a pause,
“Forget it, perhaps you are a lucky man,
You have always met nice people
and luck has always favored you.”,
she completed her sentence.
“Yeah, I am a lucky man.”

He replied with a smile.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Two ladies saw each other in a busy mall 
and both felt pity for each other.
One was wearing
a burka
another was in
short skirt.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


“Do you think God loves you?”
His friend asked him while he was praying.
“Yes.”, he replied with a smile, after praying.
“Do you think God listens to your prayers?”,
His friend asked again. “Yes, of course.” He was still smiling.
“Then why do you suffer?” another question came.
“This is how we teach our children.”
He replied while kissing the hand of his
priest friend.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Murphy's law
Murphy's law

Indeed it was a very bad day; everything that could have gone wrong; went wrong; like Murphy’s Law. The best part was that it was over and he was alive. He was enjoying the solitude while sitting in toilet. In the busy life of Bangalore, he always found this place most relaxing and thought provoking. Today he had ruined his boss’s surprise for his wife. His code didn’t work on the third continuous day and girlfriend was also on fire. Later in the evening while coming back, he met with an accident and got his elbows and knees scratched, though he was sadder for his bike’s scratches. He laughed. He always did it. He always thought that this world is an arena and there are viewers out there, watching and enjoying the whole show. He was tired but not frustrated. Under the dripping tap, there was a fly, struggling for her life, in the mug. He enjoyed the show, like those viewers. Then he felt sad and tilted the mug to save that fly but unaware of the fact that along with water it can go out of the mug, fly started trying to reach the other end.  It took him a while to empty the mug and to save that fly. He felt happy for saving the life of the fly. He looked towards the ceiling, with some expectations in his eyes. When he tried opening the tap, he got to know that it was already opened and that was the last mug. Perhaps the day was not over yet and Murphy’s Law was still taking its toll.  



Boy: Given an option, what would you like to change about yourself?
Girl: I wish my heart was made of Diamond.
Boy: and why is so?
Girl: Diamonds never break.


“You have made a mess of your life.
why don’t you do something?”
He asked her, while chatting with her another friend.
She thought for a while and replied,

“I don’t want to live without you.”

Thursday, May 14, 2015



What kills a relationship?
Lack of love?, distance?, or money??

It’s expectations.

death note...

death note...

A man once asked a dying man,
“What is the biggest failure of your life?”
He thought for while
and said,

“Go fuck yourself !”

bucket list # 3

bucket list # 3

a tree.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

far away...!!!

far away...
“Why did you do it? I know you don’t love him.”
A tear rolled down his cheek.
“Yes, I still love you.”
She replied.
Astonished, he asked,
“Then why?”
“Because he is always here are never.”

nobody said a word after that.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What if...!!

What if...!!

He was still on his knees. She had rejected his proposal. "Thank god he had not called his friends", a thought crossed her mind. But then, she saw him getting up with a smile on his face. His smile confused her. He came towards her, shook hand with her and wished her for a great future. She was standing like a statue, and when he was about to leave, she asked him, “Are you happy because I have said no to you?” “What? Are you mad? No. It’s not like that?” he replied with a fake laugh. He waited for her next question. “Then why are you smiling? Are you smiling at me?” She asked without any hesitation. “No, I am happy because I’ll never have to wonder that what if I had asked you.” He walked away with a smile on his face and pain in his heart. She was still confused.

Love me less...

Love me less...

“I didn’t care about my family,
I ignored all of my friends; I was always there for you,
then where did I fail?”
he asked in his shuddering voice.
“In all the above things, and there is a bleak difference between
caring and bothering, perhaps you have failed at understanding that too.” ,

She replied indifferently.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The employee...!!

It was the final round of my interview. Company had called me to their HQ. Wearing a suit always gives you confidence. Avarice had forced me to pray today. I was a good candidate for this job; I even had relevant work experience, though I felt scared. Perhaps this company was too good and I was scared of loosing this opportunity. Apart from practicing for my interview, I had also been doing all good deeds in these last few days. I really wanted this job.

I parked my car and started moving towards their main office. I had to cross this small park to reach there. It was a weekend and to my astonishment, there were quite a few people in the park. The idea of making these parks was always useless for me.

“Sir free this poor pigeon only for 50 Rupees, it will give you blessings Sir.” I saw a boy in his early 20s following me. His dirty jean was rolled on bottom and he was holding a cage. At first, I ignored him and moved fast. He kept on following me. “Sir aapka interview acha hoga Sir. (Sir your interview will go well.)” He was good at marketing. I smiled and looked back but kept on walking. Then suddenly, I stopped, 50 rupees were nothing to me but this job, it definitely meant a lot to me. I looked back. He was still standing over there, waiting for my cue.

He came running towards me and extended his hand. I looked into his eyes; he gave me a smile and moved that cage towards me. I took my wallet out and gave him a 50 Rupees Note. I took the cage, opened it and let the poor pigeon fly. I gave that cage back to him with a smile.

Indeed I felt good. I felt more confident for the interview. I knew that God was taking my test, test for my humanity and I think, I had just cleared it.

I turned back and looked at that boy. He was looking up, and to my amazement, in next few seconds that pigeon came back to the same cage. “Oh My God!” I whispered. I called that boy and said, “This is cheating. You have cheated me.” I was angry, on both of them. “No Sir.” He replied, again with a smile. “Sir ye business hai, aur Raja mere liye kaam krta hai. Bilkul vaise hi, jaise aap bhi kal se kisi ke liye kar rahe hoge. (It’s a pure business and Raja works for me. Just like, you will be working for someone by tomorrow. )”

He saw his potential client, walking in suit, holding a certificate file and immediately ran towards him.